MAJA Möbel
Where quality production is at home

Company founder

Our company founder has shaped us

Manfred Jarosch founded MAJA Möbel in 1964, and subsequently played a decisive role in shaping our company. He began with television tables. In the 1960s, the introduction of colour television increased the importance of televisions in the home living room. Our company founder recognized the need for small, shapely television tables. In particular, MAJA Möbel was renowned for high quality at affordable prices. Jarosch’s ideas and dedication laid the foundation for MAJA Möbel and our sustainable success.

You can learn more about our company’s history of success at MAJA Möbel milestones.

Our Milestones
Senior management

Our managing directors introduce themselves

“We are one of the most accomplished manufacturers on the furniture market as a result of quality and customer attention.”

Axel Brömstrup is managing director of MAJA Möbel in Kasendorf. A specialist in Lean Manufacturing, Brömstrup has years of management experience with mid-sized companies and corporate structures.

“As a specialist in lightweight manufacturing, we bring our know-how to the benefit of our customers.”

Uwe Gottschlich has been managing director at MAJA Möbel in Wittichenau for many years. The site has expanded continuously under his leadership, and today ranks as one of the most modern plants in Germany.


Gunnar Halbig is managing director at MAJA Möbel in Wittichenau. He is specialized in procurement and supply chain managment in the wood-based furniture industry, in which he has many years of managment experience.


You will find us at these locations

MAJA Möbel has its roots in Kasendorf. With two locations, we guarantee high quality customer attention and proximity, handling their needs capably.


MAJA produces furniture in Kasendorf for major German and European customers. A pronounced innovative streak, patented processes and precise manufacturing techniques make MAJA Möbel both a powerful and flexible producer on the furniture market. Our Kasendorf site specialises in take-away furniture for the media, office and living sectors. Working on 30,000 square metres in Kasendorf, approximately 260 employees produce high-quality furniture in small and large quantities alike. Vivonio Furniture GmbH’s strong economic position allows it to invest in highly automated production facilities and continuously expand its capabilities.


MAJA Möbel in Wittichenau specialises in producing light-weight furniture. As a development supplier, MAJA Möbel partners with major national and international customers to work on new products. The plant is fully automated and was founded in the early 1990s. Key products include bureaus, drawer elements and shelves. Production at our location in Saxony takes place on 85,000 square meters, and features highly specialised, state-of-the-art facilities. Approximately 800 employees working in a three-shift operation ensure prompt, reliable production. MAJA Möbel Wittichenau received an award from the Federal Employment Agency for its outstanding promotion of young talent.

Quality management at the highest level

We stand for quality and sustainability

MAJA Möbel not only attaches great importance to safety and quality; we also look to ensure that our furniture production is as environmentally friendly and resource efficient as possible. We have this confirmed by the TÜV Süd testing committee in the form of various ISO certificates. We are proud to be the recipients of official recognition and certifications for our responsible behaviour towards people and the environment. Our company is also certified according to FSC® by DIN CERTCO.

Our values

MAJA Möbel's founding values

Shared values form the basis of effective cooperation between employees, customers and partners. They are a part of our corporate culture and inform our everyday activities. Quality, environmental responsibility, service and design strength form the cornerstones of our thinking and action. It’s what drives us.

Design strength

MAJA Möbel stands for design. Our furniture designs combine the latest trends with contemporary continuity. Our constant focus on innovation and improving our designs lets us consistently meet our customers’ needs. This not only means we can achieve high quality during production, but also that customers can enjoy their furniture for a long time. Our furniture lines are the embodiment of individuality, giving every room that certain something. At MAJA, you will find a piece of furniture that perfectly expresses your style – fashioned completely according to your wishes, needs, budget and just right for your premises.


Quality is a principle. We actively maintain first-class standards and use every opportunity to improve them. MAJA Möbel is ISO-certified according to ISO 9001, and thus stands for unsurpassed standard of quality management. We ensure top quality through regular audits and standardised testing procedures. We have defined various quality features to help classify our product qualities, permitting you quick access to the technical standards within respective suites or products. You can find detailed information under the topic Quality Features.

Environmental Responsibility

We take responsibility – sustainably . Our company considers environmental management to be a key task of our time, a belief which is confirmed by our ISO 50001 and ISO 14001 certifications. By selecting environmentally acceptable and energy-efficient production processes and materials, we contribute actively to reducing sources of environmental pollution such as energy consumption, emissions, wastewater and refuse. We take responsibility for every piece of furniture we make. You can count on it.

Customer Attention

Your wish is our command. MAJA stands for a high level of customer attention. Service and reliability come just as naturally to us as taking your desires into account. We use efficient production processes and have high storage capacities, allowing us to react quickly and on short notice to your requirements as a customer. We manufacture for stock and can thus guarantee short delivery times so that you can use and enjoy our furniture as soon as possible. To this end, we invest regularly in our company.