Before the purchase

Our furniture cannot be ordered directly from us, but from specialist furniture dealers. You can find the nearest dealers in your area in our Dealer Search. You can also order our products in various online shops.

Please contact your local dealer for this purpose.

We are a series producer and unfortunately cannot offer any custom-made products for production reasons.

We do not currently offer a factory outlet.

The delivery time of all orders depends on the stock available. For more detailed information on the delivery date of your desired item, please contact your furniture store.

You can find detailed information about the articles on the respective product pages on our website and in the assembly instructions for the article.

Since we offer many different types of TV furniture in various widths, we would like to provide you with an overview of TV sizes to make your decision easier. This makes it easier for you to find out what the minimum width of your piece of furniture should be.

TV Größen

After the purchase

We will notify your dealer about our confirmation of order.


If a wooden/glass/electrical/metal part or fitting is missing or damaged (small parts up to 1.60m long), please do not return the item, instead request a replacement directly from MAJA Möbel for convenience. Enter your requirements in our "Service request" contact form . Please do not forget to quote the model number (4 digits) , decor number (see box, 4 digits) and the corresponding part number (see parts list). We also need your purchase contract details ! Please fill in ALL mandatory fields completely. This is the only way we can process your enquiry and help you further.

Please note : Please also attach pictures of the required parts and the barcode of the packaging to ensure that your complaint is processed correctly.


If a model or a complete box (package) has been incorrectly delivered/is missing, please contact your retailer/furniture store directly to clarify any confusion! Your dealer will forward your complaint to us after checking it.


The products are covered by the statutory warranty of 24 months. The warranty covers defects that the product demonstrably already had at the time of purchase.

Use warm water with standard washing-up liquid, or alternatively an all-purpose cleaner, but without abrasive particles! Wipe the surfaces using a slightly damp cotton cloth. The surface must then be wiped dry. If you follow these instructions, the structure will be or remain perfectly clean. Microfibre cloths and abrasive particles can damage the surface.

If, contrary to expectations, it is not possible to remove grease or oil stains without leaving residues, this is due to the contamination having been left on for too long. In this case, cleaning agents containing abrasive or acidic components should be avoided at all costs. This can irreparably damage the fine structure. In such cases, a thorough cleaning can be carried out with special cleaning agents, however, the safety and user instructions should be observed. Then clean the surface as described above.


Do you want to install your flap fitting? First check whether you have version E705221 or E705231. Our respective videos will show you all the tips and tricks you need to ensure a smooth assembly.


To make assembly easier for you, we have prepared an assembly video on the subject of drawers. Here you will be shown all the tips and tricks for a smooth assembly.

Are you experiencing problems with your electric height-adjustable desk? The video shows you how to proceed during the initial start-up or in the event of error code E__ and how to perform a reset.

Please check that the strike plate is fitted correctly and that the stop pin is in the correct position.

Please check that all the necessary spacers are fitted to the bottom drawers.

Please adjust any unevenness of your floor using the height-adjustable feet so that your product is aligned straight.