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Lifestyle furniture for design lovers

Design and quality has a new name - MAJA SELECTION. Our new product line meets even the highest demands. Stylish and exceptional in every sense, MAJA SELECTION transforms sophisticated design into an elegant language of forms. Its well conceived functionality and timeless aesthetic provide top quality comfort at all times. High-quality materials and a perfect finish successfully combine elegance with a cosy ambience.


Redefine your individual taste with MAJA SELECTION. We offer a superior product line for the areas of Media, Office and Living, with products that live up to the highest demands for design and quality. Our premium quality soundconcept turns every room into an entertainment centre. MAJA has a broad variety of possibilities for the office. Whether it is a sophisticated chrome and glass design or a natural wood look – you can create your very own high quality environment. Set perfect accents in your living areas with elegant and attractively shaped bureaus that are sure to make every room shine. Set your own individual style.

MAJA SELECTION offers consumers an especially high degree of comfort. Made for elevated demands, they are well conceived from the very first moment. High-quality hardware technology gives our furniture excellent stability. Gentle closing mechanisms, self-closing drawers, full and underfloor pull-outs and a push-to-open mechanism save power and time, while ensuring excellent ease of use.

With MAJA SELECTION, quality comes first. Our furniture is coveted for its high-quality workmanship and exquisite materials. The increased thickness of our furnitures’ edges and materials provide remarkable scratch resistance and durability, while the extensive use of glass makes for dazzling optics and an exclusive environment. Our refined product lines are available at select premium partners.