Extension 1529

Article-Nr.: 15293446

Expand your workspace with the YES attachment plate.

Color versions
3446 / white matt - white glass
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  • chromed leg
  • mountable on either side
  • only in combination with the desks as corner combination
  • ABS - edge
  • safety glass
  • imitation wood effect
  • scratch-resistant by melamine coating
  • simple and quick assembly

Model number
Assembly time
30 min
Dimensions (W x H x D)
850 mm x 772 mm x 560 mm
20.5 kg
no handles
chromed metal legs
Body color
chromed metal
Front Color
white matt
Color of offset
white glass
Body material
metal / chipboard


3 Packages

964 mm x 662 mm x 66 mm
0.042 m³ | 11.5 kg

1,137 mm x 130 mm x 40 mm
0.006 m³ | 3.3 kg

730 mm x 560 mm x 70 mm
0.029 m³ | 5.7 kg

Quality features

Melamine resin coating
Melamine resin coating
Melamine resin coating

Melamine resin coating

Melamin resin is a synthetic resin, which could be used because of many advantageous properties for the coating in the furniture industry. This leads to particularly hard and scratch-resistant surfaces, which are also water and grease repellent. So you can enjoy your piece of furniture for a long time.

high-quality ABS-edges
high-quality ABS-edges
high-quality ABS-edges

high-quality ABS-edges

ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) is a type of plastic. ABS edges are also referred to as edgings. Coating ensures superiour strength and protection against damage, especially on furniture boards and edges. Their firmness also allows for easy cleaning and maintenance, contributing to your furniture's durability.