TV and HiFi rack 1611


Our stylish TV and Hi-Fi rack meets even the most demanding design wishes, and is perfectly suited to meet the needs of TV enthusiasts. A perfectly shaped combination of brushed aluminium and clear glass (ESG safety glass) makes a strong visual impression and ensures a high load-bearing capacity.

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  • cable feedthrough
  • alu brushed metal frame
  • 4 solid castors
  • clear glass shelves safety glass 8 mm
  • load capacity top panel 80 kg
  • simple and quick assembly

color versions

alu metal - clear glass
alu metal - clear glass

model number1611
assembly time60
Dimensions (W x H x D) 600 x 744 x 465 mm
Product data sheet PDF enpd-1611.PDF
Hard floor castors
Hard floor castors

Castors built for hard floors, with a soft casing. This feature makes them especially low-noise and gentle on floors. Their soft casing reduces rolling noise and compensates for uneven ground, reducing scratches and damage to the floor. They also possess superiour stability due to an improved braking mechanism. The castors release only when weight is applied, preventing the furniture from slipping easily.

ESG glass
ESG glass

Single-pane safety glass (ESG) is characterised by its exceptional stability. In this production method, the pane is manufactured according to the requirements of EN 12150-1, which gives the glass increased shock and impact resistance.

Cable feed/cable duct
Cable feed/cable duct

Whether it is for a modern workplace or at home, orderly cable routing is indispensable. Cable guides and ducts make for a well-organised, tidy desk. Guides and ducts are either recessed in the piece of furniture or hidden, preventing knotted cables and reducing tripping hazards. This makes our furniture's design all the more effective.