TV rack 1600

Article-Nr.: 16009442

Our TV board stands out for its simple elegance. It can be used individually, or combined perfectly with other furniture. High-quality metal and ESG safety glass permit a high load capacity. Our TV board is easy and quick to assemble,

Color versions
9442 / alu metal - black glass
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  • cable feedthrough
  • metal frame
  • alu brushed metal frame
  • TV support can be swivelled +/- 30°
  • TV support suitable up to VESA 400/400
  • up to 55 inches
  • clear glass centre shelves
  • safety glass 6 mm
  • load capacity TV support 40 kg
  • simple and quick assembly

Model number
Assembly time
60 min
Dimensions (W x H x D)
880 mm x 1,220 mm x 440 mm
23.8 kg
Load capacity
30 kg
no handles
Quantity of shelves
Body color
alu metal
Front Color
black glass
Body material
metal / safety glass

Quality features

glass / safety glass
glass / safety glass
glass / safety glass

glass / safety glass

Furniture items marked with this symbol contain glass elements and therefore exude a special value. Specific Single-pane safety glass (ESG) is characterised by its exceptional stability. In this production method, the pane is manufactured according to the requirements of EN 12150-1, which gives the glass increased shock and impact resistance. The exact glass specification of your model can be found in the explicit product features.

cable feedthrough / cable channel
cable feedthrough / cable channel
cable feedthrough / cable channel

cable feedthrough / cable channel

Whether it is for a modern workplace or at home, orderly cable routing is indispensable. Cable guides and ducts ensure a well-organized and tidy appearance. Guides and ducts are either recessed in the piece of furniture or hidden, preventing knotted cables and reducing tripping hazards. This makes our furniture& 39;s design all the more effective.

rotable TV-support
rotable TV-support
rotable TV-support

rotable TV-support

Our swivelling TV mounts allow you to enjoy your TV programmes from any angle. Our TV mounts feature a wide swivel radius. Depending on the article, they also have a swivel and height adjustment mechanism. They are constructed from high-quality metal, making them highly stable and low-vibration for an optimal TV experience.

integrable  lighting
integrable lighting
integrable  lighting

integrable lighting

Optimum illumination of the respective pieces of furniture not only ensures a cosy living ambience, but offers increased functionality. Select furniture features integrated LED lighting. This can also be retrofitted for certain products. A recessed cable guide ensures orderly cable management. This not only makes lighting practical, but also skilfully sets the scene for your other elements.