TV rack 7362


Our TV Rack provides an ideal fixture for a homely atmosphere, and leaves nothing to be desired in terms of functionality. A modern wood look and integrated device compartments give the product a tasteful exclusivity. Top quality materials ensure high resilience.

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  • appliance compartments
  • smoked glass
  • height-adjustable shelves
  • 5 solid double castors
  • rounded panels with barrel-shaped profile
  • load capacity 100 kg
  • imitation wood effect
  • scratch-resistant by melamine coating
  • simple and quick assembly

color versions

Sonoma oak - alu paint effect
Sonoma oak - alu paint effect

beech - alu paint effect
beech - alu paint effect

beech heartwood - alu paint effect
beech heartwood - alu paint effect

model number7362
assembly time60
Dimensions (W x H x D) 997 x 676 x 450 mm
Product data sheet PDF enpd-7362.PDF
Adjustable shelves
Adjustable shelves

A pre-drilled grid allows for shelves to be individually adjusted. The distance between the surfaces, and thus the height of the gaps can therefore be individually adapted to suit your needs. That way the grid allows shelves to be conveniently adjusted, then changed back again.

Hard floor castors
Hard floor castors

Castors built for hard floors, with a soft casing. This feature makes them especially low-noise and gentle on floors. Their soft casing reduces rolling noise and compensates for uneven ground, reducing scratches and damage to the floor. They also possess superiour stability due to an improved braking mechanism. The castors release only when weight is applied, preventing the furniture from slipping easily.

Melamine resin coating
Melamine resin coating

Melamine resin is a synthetic resin which offers many advantages when used as a coating in the furniture industry. Its application makes for particularly hard and scratch-resistant surfaces that are also water and grease repellent. That way, you will enjoy your piece of furniture for a long time to come!