new swap bodies in use

fleet expansion

MAJA Möbel invests, to handle the increased order volume. At the end of last year, the in-house truck fleet was already expanded and completely renewed by more powerful ones.  The delivery of the new swap bodies was the final step. These had arrived in Kasendorf during blue sky and bright sunshine. They were directly loaded with furniture, to make their way to our customers and to deliver the current orders.

Constant extension

We are very pleased about the new equipment, which supports us to handle the growing order intake and the further expansion of our MAJA Möbel product range. Our truck drivers make an important contribution to ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction regarding our service. As in all issues, we want to keep our finger on the pulse of today, and guaranty a high level of service.

A new design for MAJA Möbel

MAJA Möbel / Neue Website

The website for MAJA Möbel now features a stylish new design and new features. We not only present the latest trends but offer true added value, whether it is additional product details, quality features or a dealer search. Take advantage of these additional services today. Have you discovered our new premium brand, MAJA SELECTION? You can find winning information on this new line on our new website.

MAJA Selection stands out from the crowd.

Our new website features our premium brand: MAJA SELECTION. The brand now has its own dedicated section and several pages on the site. Sophisticated design and high quality – MAJA SELECTION is built for top demands. We use top quality materials and consistently integrate intelligent features, creating a high level of comfort and an exclusive atmosphere. Lassen Sie sich inspirieren.

We stage our products in their best light for our customers.

Our product pages will give you all the details. Extensive information such as technical data, items for download and a link to our dealer search are all available. MAJA Möbel attaches great importance to quality, so we have come up with something special: Our new quality features give a quick overview of product details and properties. Each piece of MAJA Möbel has significant quality features. Icons permit classification at a glance, and show the relative strengths of each piece of furniture. Browse away!

Company and career page with detailed information

The MAJA Möbel website is now available in a completely new design. Our company page offers information on current events. Managing directors introduce MAJA Möbel, taking you on a journey through our company’s history. Today, employees and work colleagues are the key to our company’s success. That’s why we have paid such special attention to our new career area. It’s the first point of contact for applicants, and introduces our two locations. Experienced or beginning professionals and trainees alike can find further information. See for yourself.

MAJA furniture in 3D

Are you visually planning out furniture for different rooms? MAJA Möbel is now represented in the furnplan catalogue. All furniture can now be planned and displayed directly on the screen in 3D. This allows individual furniture wishes to be displayed for a wide variety of rooms. Is there enough room between the door and the shelf? Does the dresser fit under the window? Will the wall unit make the room look too small? Can we fit another small table in there? Which colour plan fits best? All this can be visualised to scale with furnplan. Furniture from MAJA can now be planned directly in 3D and configured for different living spaces.

Visualising customer wishes – comprehensive advice

Our collaboration with furnplan allows for comprehensive customer service. Customer wishes can be realised directly and individually. A true-to-scale graphic representation of the furniture aids imagination, and a wide variety of design options can be visualised directly in 3D. All questions about room layout can also be answered immediately, resulting in a comprehensive overview. The furnplan catalogue contains all product information for MAJA furniture. This ensures that the data provided is always up to date. Our cooperation with furnplan provides a wide range of possibilities, permitting a comprehensive consultation.

Simple order processing

The visualised furniture is checked for plausibility during the planning phase. This leads to a reduction in ordering errors, for example, with the seller receiving a finished item list that he can send directly to MAJA Möbel. As a result, planning take less time and the quality of advice improves.