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We all know it: Back pain. Sitting is the new smoking, one reads in the headlines. As such, ergonomics at the workplace has become a critical issue. German pension insurance subsidises the purchase under certain conditions. Do you think that electrically height adjustable desks must be incredibly expensive? MAJA Möbel offers you an excellent assortment at varying prices. MoveDJUST are our manually height-adjustable desks. Article 9666 represents a new price entry in the field of electrically height-adjustable desks. eDJUST is our show-stopper, a high-end product with attractive supplementary articles that turn your desk both into a storage wonder and a real eye-catcher. Height-adjustable desks from MAJA Möbel are TÜV-tested, and thus are guaranteed to conform to a high standard. Their high-quality metal frames have a high load-bearing capacity. The desks’ seamless variable height adjustment allow for precise adjustment to individual working heights, and thus enable ergonomic working. The memory function allows for various working heights to be stored and recalled for several users. The STOP-CONTROL function provides necessary safety. Height-adjustable desks from MAJA Möbel thus provide a high degree of functionality in the work world.

Why are height-adjustable desks subsidised?

We spend many hours daily at our desks, usually in a position that is harmful to our spine. Conventional desks rarely allow for ergonomic work, meaning that back and postural problems are on the rise. Height-adjustable desks offer one solution. You can work alternately standing or sitting. The advantage is obvious: One can improve his or her health by changing between a standing and a sitting work position. A standing work posture straightens the back, promoting back-friendly working. Back problems and postural problems are reduced by a height-adjustable desk.

Work more efficiently

Switching between standing and sitting stimulates circulation, resulting in more efficient work. Improved circulation also promotes one’s ability to concentrate, leading to improved efficiency. The advantages of height-adjustable desks are so decisive that they are already subsidised by German pension insurance. If medical problems caused by working while seated have been confirmed by a doctor, prerequisites for a subsidy have already been met.

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