Computer desk 1648

Article-Nr.: 16489582

This computer desk is an excellent, functional workplace in the smallest of spaces. The two pull-outs for keyboard and printer increase ease of use. Four stable double castors ensure mobility and easy moving.

Color versions
9582 / black metal - knotty oak
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  • black metal frame
  • pull-out shelf for keyboard
  • pull-out shelf for printer
  • 4 solid double castors, 2 of them lockable in position
  • imitation wood effect
  • scratch-resistant by melamine coating
  • simple and quick assembly

Model number
Assembly time
60 min
Dimensions (W x H x D)
810 mm x 850 mm x 506 mm
20.6 kg
no handles
Quantity of shelves
Body color
black metal
Front Color
knotty oak
Body material
metal / chipboard


2 Packages

870 mm x 630 mm x 190 mm
0.104 m³ | 13.1 kg

932 mm x 588 mm x 60 mm
0.033 m³ | 7.5 kg

Quality features



Furniture with castors can be flexibly moved around the room. They are an everyday helper and provide practical support when cleaning the room or when pulling out the sofa bed. Special castors for hard floors also have a soft covering. This feature makes them especially low-noise and gentle on floors. Their soft casing reduces rolling noise and compensates for uneven ground, reducing scratches and damage to the floor. They also possess superiour stability due to an improved braking mechanism. The castors release only when weight is applied, preventing the furniture from slipping easily. The exact role specification of your model can be found in the explicit product features.

Melamine resin coating
Melamine resin coating
Melamine resin coating

Melamine resin coating

Melamin resin is a synthetic resin, which could be used because of many advantageous properties for the coating in the furniture industry. This leads to particularly hard and scratch-resistant surfaces, which are also water and grease repellent. So you can enjoy your piece of furniture for a long time.