Glass doors 1747

Article-Nr.: 17479900

Design your office furnishings to taste with SYSTEM. Timeless design and sophisticated functionality provide for harmonious interaction in any office.

Color versions
9900 / clear glass
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  • push-to-open
  • metal fittings
  • suitable for shelves 1727, 1732 and 1733

Model number
Assembly time
15 min
Dimensions (W x H x D)
755 mm x 1,023 mm x 5 mm
11.5 kg
chromed/aluminium plastic handle
Number of doors
Body color
clear glass
Body material
safety glass

Quality features



Stylish furniture, now handle-free. "Push-to-open" is a locking mechanism that allows for handleless furniture fronts. A light press on the front is all it takes to open it automatically. Magnets built into the hinges keep it closed. Closing the front applies tension to a spring that is released again when the front is opened, while a pin pushes the front out.

glass / safety glass
glass / safety glass
glass / safety glass

glass / safety glass

Furniture items marked with this symbol contain glass elements and therefore exude a special value. Specific Single-pane safety glass (ESG) is characterised by its exceptional stability. In this production method, the pane is manufactured according to the requirements of EN 12150-1, which gives the glass increased shock and impact resistance. The exact glass specification of your model can be found in the explicit product features.